We are a Runescape clan! We are a Social/Skilling/Pvm clan with lots of friendly people!
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 More about us! This includes rankings, stats, benefits of joining us etc..

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PostSubject: More about us! This includes rankings, stats, benefits of joining us etc..   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:57 pm

ø What Our Clan Has To Offer You ø

Just a brief summary of what our clan offers to each and every one of our members.
A Friendly Community of 100+ clan mates who log on daily (Obviously not all at the same time).

Nothing is Mandatory in the Clan and you won't get kicked if you don't do it. We do highly appreciate if you’ll be active in the chat, help the citadel (cap) and attend events though. This also earns you more esteem in the clan. The only way that you can get kicked out of the clan is if you use the N word, you are inactive ( 4 months) or you are causing chaos in our clan. We will ask often at everybody to cap but as stated, it’s not obliged.

Once again, I repeat myself, No Requirements Needed to join. Even lvl 3’s are accepted. They will be treated equally and we will include them as much as we can in our events.

We got daily pvm events after reset. We also got members who love to do dungeoneering, Pest control and clan wars events. Occasionally, we got recruiting events also in which the person who recruits the most players in the clan wins a prize (others do also). Most events are organised a day or two in advance.

We also got a home world which is world 2! For f2p players, its world 7

A Wide Range of Time zones. The clan is international. So no matter where you live, it does not make a difference because others will be on also. (even though we are more active from 20:00 to 4:00.)

Our ultimate Main Goal will be to become one of the best clans in Runescape but meanwhile, our goal is to have fun while playing and also, help each other as much as we can. We don’t want to be just a plain clan where you chat but a Family, your virtual family. To have this family we must keep it united and make it more powerful than it already is and last but not least, grow the family by recruiting others.

ø Clan Ranking system and Hierarchy ø

A Fair and pretty easy ranking system. There are 2 ways to get ranked.
First one is based on the amount of XP you have made since joined the Clan, Events Attended and Citadel caps (Capping three times in a row gets you ranked up. Must ask for it also).

The other way and the easy way is to recruit 3 people. You must tell us their names also. This option is easiest and most recommended because it helps us expand our clan and grow our virtual family.

Hierarchy (as of now).
Owner: Sev da beast.
Dep-owners: Red fed8, Poison mind5, Lucifeur.
Overseer: Huzyurdaadi.
Organisers: AdonisCreed, Alice Miku, Bhelber, Fizzii, Maggie Leona, Olaf686, Razmig, RS Sean, Savage Ares, Yorktonboy19.
Admins: Aizakewldood, Ballisticidk, Black Paw, Cel3stialGod, Devineur, Fishoogle, Icet220, LL Cheapy, Peabody, Reginodes, Ruenived, S3ab1scu1t, Savage Divi, The Rainboom.

ø Expectations ø

What we expect of you:
It’s really simple and not hard. To be polite and follow all the rules. This is a must.
We also expect that you work your way up in the clan to gain ranks.
Be active in clan chat. We love socializing so it’s normal that we like to talk.
We would like to see you grow and develop into an honorable member of our family Very Happy.

What you can expect from us:
To be respectful towards you and help you out whenever you need and answer your questions. We want you to feel welcomed in our clan and feel a part of the family.

ø How To Join Us ø:

Well there must be a reason why you made it this far! The reason why is because our Clan matched your ambitions and you decided to give us a chance which is one that you won't regret it!

In order to join us, you can simply join our Clan Chat as a Guest and ask anybody from the clan to invite you, or pm any admin+ from the clan and ask for an invite. There will always be somebody available.
Thank you guys for reading our clan thread and we hope to see you in the clan!

-Sev da beast owner and fierce leader of the clan DGS BLOODCHILLERS.
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More about us! This includes rankings, stats, benefits of joining us etc..
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