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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: MEETING SUMMARY   Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:39 pm

This is a summary of the meeting that we had in which only 15 people actually showed up.

The meeting took 40 minutes which was alot longer than expected.

-First point: Recruiting.

"Now, as you all know, most of us started college which means that cc will be less active during times from 4:30 to 22:00. This is like 16 hours where the clan chat will not be extremely talkative which is extremely bad. And god, I hate saying this but there is only one thing we can do and you all know it. Yes recruiting.
Guys please listen, its important. The two previous clans I've lead have died all during school year. I don't want this clan to die also because you guys are like my virtual family. I'm sure you all care for each other and you're not doing this for me. You guys are doing this for all of us. If you guys recruit, we can do more events, more pvm, Talk more, trade more tips and last but not least, clan citadel will benefit and we will all benefit. This is more of a plea. I'm begging you all. Even just asking anybody if they want to join a clan at g.e or while your skilling. I'm only asking for 5 minutes, not a whole day of recruiting. I’ve promised ranks if you recruit and I will stick to that. "

That is pretty much what I said about recruiting.

Along those lines, if a guest joins clan chat, it’s probably because they are looking if they wanna join a clan? I would appreciate if you guys said hi (username). That way, he would feel welcomed in the cc.
Now that we got that out of the way, there is another issue. Tyler, red and luci our 3 main Event organisers don't log on often anymore and I need somebody who is V E R Y active daily to organise events for the clan. I need two people who want to organise events. Who wants to do it?. And promote them to general rank.

So we promoted Frostadamus, Razmig, Angrymouse and AILD to general rank and they will host weekly events.

We also spoke about using the clan website more often and effectively. This will include posting events on clan web also and being more active in clan forums.

Admins will have more responsibilities: (To be determined).
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