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 Rules in game and on forums.

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PostSubject: Rules in game and on forums.    Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:54 pm

ø Clan Rules ø
1. Please do not Beg, Start drama, or bully people in the clan. This includes name calling others. This can result in a kick from the clan and a ban.

2. No Defamatory Racial, Religious or Political talk.

3. The N Word in Any form or Context will result in instantly removing you from the clan and banning you from the chat.

4. No Begging for coins, Items nor Ranks.

5. No Scamming, Hacking or Luring - This type of behavior will result in immediate removal of the clan.

6. No sexual references or discussion of drugs. This is pretty obvious. Lots of people do not feel comfortable about these kinds of discussions. Take it to an friends chat if you guys want to talk about those stuff but please keep it out of the clan chat.

7. No asking for loans that are more than 2m coins.

Otherwise, action will be taken for sure.
For Forums, You must keep swearing at a minimum. Rest of the rules apply also in the forums.
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Rules in game and on forums.
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