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 AdonisCreed's Guide to Whatever I Think Of ATM.

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PostSubject: AdonisCreed's Guide to Whatever I Think Of ATM.   Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:51 pm

Sev was talking about making guides so people will use the clan website more so, I decided to make one on whatever I thought of in a hour.

Money Making:
-Slayer is a definite money maker once you reach Gargoyles and above.
-Slayer Creatures(Off-task); Aberrant Spectres, Gargoyles, Aquanites, Spiritual Mages, Abyssal Demons, Dark Beasts, Mature Grotworms, Adamant and Mithril Dragons, Airuts, Lava Strykes(Beware Pkers), and *Ganodemic Creatures*(focus on Beasts) All of these monsters are decent-very good gp/hour.
-Bossing; GWD is nice for lower levels(~80+), King Black Dragon is nice for beginners to PvM, QBD is also a good choice but for more experienced players. Barrows is really nice for those with low combat levels. Check for friends chats for specific boss(ex; Casual KK)
-Reaper Tasks, these are similar to Slayer assignments, but they are assigned by Death(north of Draynor lodestone) and you are assigned to kill bosses. *Toggle of group assignments if you don't do KK, Nex, ROTS, or Vorago* Once you reach 300 points you can get an uncut Hydrix, worth ~21m.
Skill Related:
-Skilling: Cutting magic and elders for those that can, mining any ores in mass quantity is profit(Iron/coal and mithril+ recommended) Cleansing herbs is profit but sometimes takes while to sell.
-Farm herbs, farming herbs can be pretty slow at low levels, but after a few weeks you end up having few mill worth of herbs. You can also use the herbs for herblore if you decide to.
-Flipping is sometimes hard for beginners, my advice is just watch price of items and buy when they seem low and put in the GE for higher price and just wait for them to sell, always write down price you bought them for. Make connections, if Kree becomes popular, adamant bars will fall due to aviansie's killed during kc and adamant bar drops.
-South West of Raids there are Airuts, high level players will camp these and leave loot at times. You can collect their loot and make a few mill gp a hour. Although, you will most likely have to compete with other people doing the same thing.
-Decanting potions into flasks.[Making potions(3) into flasks(6)] Formula, 2(price of potion(3)) +price of potion flask < Flask of said potion. If the price of 2 potions(3) and a potion flask all added together is less than the potion as a flask(6), then you can make money off decanting.
-If you have some extra mills and want to gamble, opening crystal chests in Taverely(west of Summoning store) or Prif with crystal keys are potential profit in high volume.(100+ keys recommended) Loot at the Prifidinas crystal chest has better loot.  

School & Runescape:
-Homework: whenever you do homework, do something in Runescape that is afk. For those with Prif, Harps and Seren Stones are a great option. Cutting ivy, mining concentrated deposits, killing Rorarius while on revolution, sitting in the Abyss, all of these are great options to avoid exp waste.

Slayer is Life:

-I have made almost all my money from slayer, during tasks and camping creatures that require high slayer levels. I guarantee that if you do slayer, you will make at least 100m before you reach 99. There are numerous benefits from having a high slayer level, one of them being Ganodermic Beasts. You can train Invention at Gano's and make profit!

-Always check price of making armor/weapons before buying the item, sometimes it's cheaper to construct it than buy it built.
-Try to respect people in Runescape, don't try to kill steal or crash. Some people hold grudges and will do their best to get back at you, most likely in wildy.
-Use the Runescape Authenticator and Bank Pin! I didn't have one and got hacked and lost everything. No matter how much your total wealth is, these are worth getting.
-Try to be a well-rounded player, skill and try PvM.
-Do minigames/distractions like Ports, it's eventually free items and nice gear.
-Participate in clan bossing events. You may not be a high level now or not interested in PvM but, you will most likely end up doing PvM at some point and it helps to know the mechanics for bosses.

Hope this helps, if you want a guide on anything specific then just say it below or message me in game.

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AdonisCreed's Guide to Whatever I Think Of ATM.
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